Our way of saying 'thank you'! Orbx was founded by enthusiasts who worked on many freeware projects, and we will always try to give as much back ot the FS community as we can. So on this page you'll find a great collection of payware-quality Orbx airports and scenery for Australia and North America, great aircraft repaints and HD virtual cockpit repaints, a unique first person mode, and a free terrain mesh covering all of Australia. There will be lots more freeware to come, including airfields for the USA, Canada and NZ. And as we always say - enjoy!

Please note that unless indicated, these installers are not ready for P3Dv3!

Freeware FTX Global Scenery

USDT Devils Tower
File size: 1.20 GB
Following on from his popular Monument Valley and Yosemite releases, Frank delivers once again. Grab this stunning freeware release for a "close encounter" and test your skills with landing at the summit. Available for P3Dv3.

Freeware FTX Global Airports

Freeware FTX Global Airport Packs
By various contributors, we have bundled up airports into mini-installers which will enhance the FTX Global experience. Be sure to check out the Global Packs and see what we have to offer. And it's all free!
AYEO Emo Mission
File size: 79 MB
As a big thank you to all who supported our venture into PNG, Emo Mission is here for you to enjoy and discover. Please note that you do need FTX AYPY, FTX Global and the PNG Holgermesh to enjoy Emo Mission as intended. Available for P3Dv3.
EDBH Barth Stralsund Airport
File size: 202 MB
New Orbx developer Thomas Zipfel is proud to present you with our first stand alone Eurpoean freeware airport made for FTX Global, EDBH Barth Stralsund. EDBH is only a few kilometers from the Baltic Sea. We look forward to more projects from Thomas in the future! Available for P3Dv3.
EDCG Rügen Airport
File size: 21.1 MB
Thomas Zipfel is proud to present his next stand alone freeware airport designed for FTX Global, EDCG Rügen Airport. Also known as Bergen Airfield or Güttin Airfield EDCG is the only airfield on the German Baltic Sea island of Rügen. Available for P3Dv3.
EDVR Rinteln Airport
File size: 90.9 MB
EDVR Rinteln is a small airfield in Lower Saxony, Germany, with a 600x30m asphalt runway. It is used primarily by small GA and Gliders - the Weserbergland region is a favoured destination for thermal gliding and paragliding. Available for P3Dv3.
EO49 Laufenselden Airfield
File size: 138 MB
Thomas Zipfel presents his next airport for FTX Global, EO49 Laufenselden Airfield. EO49 is a small glider airfield near Wiesbaden and Frankfurt/Main. Available for P3Dv3.
LIDA Asiago Airport
File size: 255 MB
This is the first “full fat” airport by developer Sylvain Delepierre who also designed the FTX Global Freeware packs for Europe. Defined by Gabriele d'Annunzio, the famous Italian poet, as "the smallest and brightest town of Italy", Sylvain captures that feeling with this wonderful package. And it's yours for free! Available for P3Dv3.

Freeware Orbx NA Scenery

2S1 Vashon Island Airport
File size: 40 MB
John 'Prof' Hockings has crafted a truly beautiful scenery which includes 2S1 Vashon Muni and also WA69 Wax Orchard. Additionally, the town of Vashon is included as well as a boat harbour and other details. Available for P3Dv3.
7WA3 West Wind Airport
File size: 109 MB
The debut airport from developer Tom Brooks. On the banks of the Nooksack River, Tom has created 3 grass airfields for you to discover and is available free for FSX/P3D. Available for P3Dv3.
CAC8 Nanaimo Water Aerodrome
File size: 115 MB
Are you looking for something different? How about a highly detailed seaplane base, Nanaimo Water Aerodrome on Vancouver Island BC in fact. And how about free, as in Orbx Freeware? Economists say the value of something is what you pay for it, but we'll let you be the judge. No doubt the first of many from Larry Robinson! P3Dv3 ready.
CEJ4 Claresholm Industrial Airport
File size: 117 MB
Yet another superb free Vlad Maly airport located in the Alberta Prairie, and is not far from his previous CEN4. Has full seasons support and features photoreal coverage of the surrounds. Available for P3Dv3.
CEN4 High River Regional Airport
File size: 115 MB
Vlad Maly has created a detailed field located in the Alberta prairie. CEN4 is only 20 minutes south of Calgary and has full seasons support and features photoreal coverage of the surrounds. Available for P3Dv3.
KHQM Bowerman Airport
File size: 112 MB
A full-featured payware quality airport made for FTX Pacific Northwest from Tim Harris. Now the de-facto FBO for all your PNW operations for free! Stand-alone version only for customers with the full payware FTX PNW region and now available for P3Dv3.
Portland City
File size: 38 MB
Orbx's autogen annotation guru Tim Harris has crafted this sensational version of downtown Portland, Oregon. It includes dozens of landmark buildings and bridges modeled in 3D, as well as pristine photoreal imagery. A must-have for PNW customers! Available for P3Dv3.
Yosemite National Park
File size: 478 MB
A spectacular contribution from Frank Dainese. This features breathtaking models of El Capitan and Half Dome and surrounded by stunning photoreal - all matched to FTX NCA for perfect blending. Available for P3Dv3.

Freeware Orbx EU Scenery

ENJA Jan Mayensfield
File size: 348 MB
Part of Norway located in the polar circle, Jan Mayen is a challenging place for pilots who love short landings and difficult approaches. Richard Bui provides you a wonderful experience over an area with a full photoreal coverage, polar season changes and ObjectFlow animations. Now available for P3Dv3!

Freeware Orbx AU Scenery

YBLN Busselton Airport
File size: 91.4 MB
Jarrad Marshall has faithfully replicated this charming little airfield complete with custom modelling based on local photography. A perfect airport for short VFR flights to and from Jandakot. Available for P3Dv3.
YCUN Cunderdin Airport
File size: 178 MB
A former WWII RAAF base, this rendition of Cunderdin includes the GA & gliding airport, 2x 1800 m runways, 60 cm imagery, custom modeling from local photography, plus a Neptune static and Dromader static. Also includes the nearby township and salt pans. Available for P3Dv3.
YLIL Lilydale Airport
File size: 319 MB
One of the favourite all-time Orbx free airports, Lilydale was developed by the AU BLUE team as their base for test flights during the project's inception. Now updated to V2 with Orbx's new Flow technologies and extended photoreal coverage. Available for P3Dv3.
YMLT Launceston Airport
File size: 103 MB
This is a busy regional Tasmanian airport in a beautiful pasture setting and the gateway to the central alps. This is a favourite airport for many Orbx customers! Available for P3Dv3.
YMUI Murray Island Airport
File size: 26.2 MB
Another Tim Harris classic, this time set in the Torres Strait in north east Australia. It's an atmospheric island strip which will prove a challenge to land on in a twin with passengers. Also features PeopleFlow animations! Available for P3Dv3.
YPLC Port Lincoln Airport
File size: 22.2 MB
Ron Tape has ported across the FS9 version of YPLC by Steve Royals, and went much further to add full photo ground terrain with the peninsula to the south. A delightful little airport! Available for P3Dv3.
YRED Redcliffe Airport
File size: 6.07 MB
The debut airport by Heiko Glatthorn, YRED has received a major update for this V3.0 release. There's new ground markings, additional objects, AI traffic, a control panel and revised apron lighting. Be sure to get the latest version of this classic airport! Available for P3Dv3.

Freeware Terrain Mesh

AU Holgermesh
File size: 239 MB
Orbx is pleased to offer this 76 meter resolution terrain mesh for FSX and P3D, covering all of Australia including Cato, Lord Howe, Norfolk and Saumerez Islands. We've nicknamed this "HolgerMesh!" Adding this mesh will add better definition to hills and mountains. Now available for P3Dv3!
PNG Holgermesh
File size: 74.5 MB
Orbx is happy to release this freeware mesh package covering the Papua New Guinea region. The AYPY & Kokoda package are built around this mesh and is a must have if you do not have any 3rd party mesh for this area installed. Now available for P3Dv3!

Freeware AI Traffic

Freeware FTX AI Traffic
By Graham Eccleston and hundreds of talented contributing modellers and painters, this AI Traffic package will add both airline and GA AI traffic for the Australian and New Zealand FTX regions plus the FTX Jacksons PNG and Pago Pago Samoa airport packages. Suitable for FSX and all versions of P3D up to V3.

Freeware Utilities

BOB First Person Mode
File size: 41.4 MB
Meet BOB, the unique free addon from Orbx which lets you get up close and personal with airport and scenery, anywhere in the world. NEW! This V1.1 release adds a control panel where with three different soundscapes for more flexible location specific visits. Now available as a triple installer.
FTX Global Lights Configurator
File size: 2.5 MB
A tool that allows you to modify the size and colours of the FTX Global Lights. Also allows you to create and save profiles to suit your personal preferences.
Registry Fix Tool
File size: 7.73 KB
If your Orbx FTX AU SP3 DVD installer fails with a "Missing FTX Registry Key" message, you should download and run this tool. If problems continue after trying this tool, please post a message on the FTX Support Forums.