Northern Rockies

Bush flying goes East! FTX Northern Rocky Mountains is a vast new area adjoining FTX Pacific Northwest and FTX Pacific Fjords. Almost double the size of PNW, the region includes parts of Montana, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia and Alberta with key cities including Missoula, Edmonton and Calgary. You will experience beautiful terrain and brand new textures based on actual aerial photos taken over the region. The diversity of the terrain is stunning and majestic to fly over, and of course spectacular locations such as Moraine Lake and Lake Louise are also depicted accurately. Just like Orbx FTX PNW and Pacific Fjords, we've given every single airport an upgrade with more accurate placement of buildings, hangars and objects. Additionally every single square mile of land class is hand-made and all roads, rivers, lakes, power lines and vertical obstructions are included for accurate VFR flying. Finally, all textures are hand-annotated with brand new autogen.

  • Continues coverage east from PNW & PFJ
  • Superb new Matt Tomkins ground textures
  • Hand-crafted landclass covers every mile
  • Accurate roads, rivers, lakes, powerlines
  • 10 & 20m Holgermesh for crisp definition
  • Selected photoreal coverage areas
  • New autogen textures and objects
  • Super accurate autogen annotation
  • Over 340 airports have been upgraded!
  • Features Moraine Lake and Lake Louise
  • Spectacularly diverse terrain to explore
  • The perfect addition to Pacific Northwest

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User Guide and Google Earth KMZ
Download the User Guide and see the coverage area of FTX NRM inside Google Earth. Includes coverage area, airports, navaids, points-of-interest and more!


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65S Bonners Ferry
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CEF4 Airdrie Airpark
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KSFF Felts Field


Service Pack 004

13th April 2014
  • Please note: If you have recently purchased or downloaded Northern Rockies from The FlightSim Store, you do not require this patch.
  • Important! You must set FTX Central to North America before applying this patch
  • This is a CUMULATIVE patch, which includes content from the previous NRM 001, 002 & 003 patches
  • FTX Global lights added to the NRM region
  • Updates to NRM airports to be compatible with P3Dv2
  • Plus fixes from the previous NRM 001, 002 & 003 patches